How Can I Make Money

“How can I make money?” is one of the more common questions being asked on the internet today, and it’s easy to find people asking it. But there are many different ways people ask the question, and it’s important to pay attention so you know what they’re really asking.

Each of the individual words in “how can I make money” may be given more or less emphasis than the others. When speaking out loud, you can hear which of these words is spoken with more stress, and understand exactly what is being asked. But on the internet, working with text alone, it can be difficult to know exactly which word is the important one.

Starting at the beginning, “HOW can I make money” is one of the easier variations of the question. This person wants to know precisely what ways money can be made; what skills will be needed, and what actions will be required.

This is usually the question most people will answer, because it is the easy one. Dealing with “HOW can I make money” is just a matter of pointing the way – a few basic training materials will do the job, in most cases.

A slightly more subtle version is “how CAN I make money” – emphasis on the second word indicating that the question is about disbelief. This is a mindset question, dealing more with self-esteem and self-image than anything else.

When dealing with someone who asks “how CAN I make money,” it’s most important to cover the idea that it really is possible. Many people find it difficult to understand that yes, in the modern world, no matter what your skills or abilities there is some way you can make money on the internet. They mainly need to be taught that their skills are “good enough” for others to pay for.

A related one puts the emphasis on the third word, “how can *I* make money” – another disbelief and mindset scenario. Like placing the emphasis on the word “can,” this is mostly about a lack of belief in oneself, but probably deals more with emotional and psychological issues than a logical evaluation of skills and value.

This version of “how can I make money” often needs a clear reminder that making money on the internet is no more difficult than getting a job, and if you are capable of getting any other job, you are capable of working on the internet instead.

The fourth variety is incredulous: “how can I MAKE money?” This is someone who has difficulty understanding that using the internet is something which can generate a profit, rather than simply being an expense.

The core beliefs under “how can I MAKE money” are that “nothing is free” and “it takes money to make money.” To this person, the internet is a thing that you pay for, and not a thing that pays you. It’s a place to shop, but not a place to work. The proper training here is, again, mindset; limiting beliefs need to be removed, and replaced with productive ones.

Finally, there is “how can I make MONEY,” which is really about the amount of money possible. This is someone who can see the possibilities of a little extra spending money, or defrayed household expenses, but simply doesn’t understand how a full-fledged income can be earned on the internet.

This is a matter of proof. “How can I make MONEY” is all about seeing the people who have done it, and knowing that it’s not just a big load of hooey. A good coach or mentor is an excellent way to work closely with someone that has been there, and done it, and can show the kind of proof you need.

While the words “how can I make money” aren’t changed in any of these instances, the meaning is very different – and so is the answer each person needs. It’s important to try and find the right way to answer it, even when the text doesn’t give you any real clues about which word has the stress. The rest of the question, the added information about the specific situation, can often provide clues to what is really meant and why.

So the next time you see – or even ask – “how can I make money,” stop and think for a moment about exactly what it means. The right answer to your ‘how can I make money’ question might not be what you think it is.